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Grandma’s Molasses is the highest quality, unsulfured, sun-ripened sugarcane molasses. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavor or artificial color, is fat free, gluten free and Kosher OU2. After the sugarcane is cut and crushed, the juices are extracted and boiled. The two grades of Grandma’s Molasses are created by the length of the boiling process. It’s the secret ingredient for baking and cooking that’s passed down from generation to generation. To meet Grandma’s seal of approval, it would have to be great!

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  • Grandma’s® Original Molasses

    Pure, concentrated sugarcane juice that has had no sugar removed, making it sweet and light.

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  • Grandma’s® Robust Molasses

    Darker, more concentrated and less sweet than the Original. It’s made of a blend of “first molasses,” which is what remains once the sugarcane juice has crystallized.

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