What Makes Molasses Robust?

Full bodied, tangy and bursting with flavor, molasses is syrupy, sugar based product. Molasses can be used in a variety of baking recipes, sauces and dishes such as baked beans. With all of these recipe options one might wonder how it possible that this product can be so versatile.

Made from the finest ingredients, Grandma’s Molasses uses unsulfured juice from sugarcane. The juice from each cane is extracted and boiled until each particular grade of molasses reaches completion.

The three most common grades of molasses found in stores are:

  • Syrup: commonly seen in stores as original or full flavor
  • Second molasses: also known as Robust
  • Blackstrap molasses

Each grade is used in different types of recipes depending on what food is involved. Syrups, light baked goods, and marinades often call for light molasses. Blackstrap molasses is used as a color enhancer and sweetener for meats and vegetables when combined with light molasses. There is also a huge market of foods that use the Robust version of the sugary syrup. But what exactly makes this molasses robust?

Robust molasses is darker and more concentrated than its original version and, as a result of production, is less sweet. Robust Molasses is made with a mixture of remnants from the original blend and syrup that is darker, more concentrated, and less sweet than the original. Thinned with water, the mixture is boiled a second time to extract more raw sugar.

Robust molasses is best suited for slow cooked dishes such as barbeques sauce and beans. Dishes that don’t require much added sweetness, but can benefit from a rich, bold flavor are also perfect for robust molasses. This grade gives way to a rich color that can be seen in dishes such as barbeque baked beans and rich, savory sauces and marinades.