Examiner-Grandma Molasses Encourages Public To Adopt An Elephant


By Lilian Danel

Each day we read and see pictures of elephants that are victims of animal exploiters. It is sad to read about the life that the elephants have to endure and accept that human greed does not allow them to be free from their enslaving routine. So many of these majestic creatures are still trapped behind bars in zoos and abused in circuses. In certain towns, live shows with exotic animals have been banned and no more elephants need to please the lame sense of humor of certain humans. A few zoos and circuses have granted freedom to a few elephants and allowed them to leave the unnatural enclosure created for them. There are some fortunate elephants that have been granted the privilege of freedom in a sanctuary for their kind. They live out their last days in joy and living with kind humans that love them and respect them. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is the largest habitat for “retired” African and Asian elephants.

Grandma’s Molasses donates an annual supply of product to The Elephant Sanctuary, where it is served as a way to entice the elephants to take their dietary supplements and medicine by concealing the taste with its flavorful sweetness” explained Jordan Greenberg, Vice President, Marketing at B&G Foods. Since 2008, they have been proud sponsors of these endangered

African and Asian elephants by featuring an “elephant of the month” on the Grandma’s Molasses website. Not only do they advocate for the sanctuary on their website, but their message gets through to all their clients because they display the sponsorship seal on all product labels.

Mr. Greenberg explains that in September, in order to raise funds and further spread awareness for the elephant’s cause, the brand is launching the Grandma’s Molasses Adopt an Elephant Campaign. Here’s how it will work:

From now through December 2012 visit ElephantsLoveGrandmas.com to “adopt” an elephant with a small donation.

With each donation of $10 or more comes a certificate of “adoption,” a subscription to The Elephant Sanctuary’s Trunklines newsletter, a coupon for a free jar of Grandma’s Molassesand an original recipe for Grandma’s Elephant Bread created by influential baking blogger Heather Baird of Sprinkle Bakes.

With each donation of $30 or more comes all of the above, plus photos and bio information about the “adopted” elephant, and more.

The sanctuary operates on 2,700 acres in Hohenwald, Tennessee and it costs $133,000 a year to provide sanctuary for just one elephant. On the website you can see pictures and read bios of all the elephants that are looking for sponsors to adopt them. Readers can also learn about Missy, September’s elephant of the month, and her struggles before arriving at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

I remember the first time I heard about the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee was because of the story of Tarra and Bella. I believe all animal lovers and supporters of an end of cruelty to animals know that wonderful story. If you remember it and you always thought of how you could help this wonderful sanctuary, you can do it now through Grandma’s Molasses! Help those that have been helping animals for a long time. Visit their site and learn about this wonderful initiative to make a difference for elephants and educate the public about those that care for the innocent victims of human ignorance and greed.

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