Boomer Times & Senior Life – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee


Grandma’s Molasses has been a sponsor of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, a non profit organization that provides a haven for old, sick or needy African and Asian elephants. As part of this sponsorship, Grandma’s donates an annual supply of molasses to The Sanctuary, where it’s used to entice the elephants to take their medicines by concealing the taste with its sweetness.

The Elephant Sanctuary is the nation’s largest habitat for needy elephants and provides a spacious and natural environment in which elephants, retired from circuses and zoos, can spend their remaining years in peace.

Established in 1995, this 2,700 acre sanctuary is located in Hohenwald, Tennessee and to date has provided a safe haven for 24 elephants in need. After a life on exhibit and entertaining the public to ensure minimal intrusion on the sanctity of their Sanctuary, the elephants’ habitat is not open to the public.

Now Grandma’s Molasses is adopting the “Grandma’s Molasses Adopt an Elephant Campaign”-giving people a fun and easy way to support The Elephant Sanctuary and “adopt” an elephant. For information, go to and donate a small amount.